Proud to be an iubenda Silver Partner.

We've partnered with iubenda to be able to provide your small business with attorney-level GDPR solutions to help make your website compliant with the law across multiple countries and legislations.

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iubenda Certified Silver Partner

Find out how we can help you adapt your site to the regulations

Websites must always comply with certain requirements imposed by law. Failure to comply with the legal requirements, can result in serious penalties including substantial fines, audits and potential litigation

For this reason we have chosen to rely on iubenda, a company built on both legal and technical expertise, that specializes in this sector. Together with iubenda, of which we are Certified Partners, we have developed a proposal to offer all our customers a simple and safe solution to their compliance needs.

Find out how we can help you adapt your site to the regulations

How we can help you using iubenda’s solutions.

We offer everything your small business needs to succeed online from branding through to paid advertising and everything in-between. We take time to understand your business, current online presence and your future goals, then we hand-craft a digital marketing strategy to exceed those goals.

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Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator

With iubenda’s Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator we can prepare a fully customized, self-updating policy for your site. iubenda’s policies are generated starting from a database of clauses drafted and continuously reviewed by an international team of lawyers.

Cookie Solution

The iubenda Cookie Solution is a comprehensive solution to meet Cookie Law and third-party requirements by facilitating the display of a cookie banner at each user’s first visit, the preventive blocking of the profiling cookies and the collection of users’ consent to the installation of cookies.

Consent Solution

iubenda's Consent Solution allows the collection and storage of an unambiguous proof of consent whenever a user fills out a form - such as a contact form or newsletter subscription – on your website.